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ETG Ambilly Féminin FC

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Created 35 years ago, the FCAF today with its more than 120 players and 6 teams remains the only club dedicated to women’s football in the French regions of Haute Savoie, Savoie and Pays de Gex.


Throughout the past 35 years, FCAF achievements include many titles in the district, regional and national level but also many trophies highlighting the club’s dedication to fair play and respect demonstrated on the field, towards the referees, and conduct after the game win or lose.  These achievements are highlighted on a regular basis in the local newspaper.


In June 2013, the FCAF entered into a new phase of development by becoming a partner club with the Men’s professional club Evian Thonon Gaillard (ETG), currently competing in the French Division 1 league (Ligue 1). The FCAF has become the official women’s section of the professional club and has changed the club’s name to ETG Ambilly Féminin Football Club. The women's section first team is currently playing in the French division 3 (three) inter-regional competitions to determine the next club to move into the French women's division 2.  French club's play in a promotion and relegation system.

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