Play Football Abroad Program
Play Football Abroad Program

About Us

The Play Football Abroad Program (PFAP) is a recently developed unique platform for graduated women soccer players to experience a year in Europe playing football (soccer) for the ETG Ambilly Féminin Football Club whilst studying or working.


Aims -

  • To recruit recently graduated student athletes who studied and played soccer for 4 years on a competitive American university varsity soccer team
  • Those who wish to acquire an international experience in France, Europe


What PFAP offers - 

  • A place where graduated student athletes may pursue their passion for football in a new culture and country
  • The opportunity to acquire invaluable professional experience working for a local school  in France, Europe
  • Job opportunities include: extra-curriculum school personnel, English teacher at a local community centre or English language assistant at a private school.

Other opportunities -

  • Certain athletes may prefer to further pursue their educational goals by studying French or attending a foreign university in either France or Geneva, Switzerland. 
  • There are many opportunities for French language speakers but every year there is also a growing number of M.A programs offered in English
  • Education in Europe is significantly cheaper than the United States and the European system now operates on a credit based system as the USA hence providing close to equivalent diplomas.

How to reach us

Play Football Abroad Program

90 Chemin du Pacot

74160 Collonges-sous-Salève


Email :


You can find all the information about our program on this website. If you have any questions please feel free to complete our contact form.

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